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Have you tried cock control before? Have you allowed another to have complete and total control over your orgasm, you will not be disappointed. Many of the ladies on the line are cock control experts, having denied and delayed thousands of orgasms! Why would a man choose to delay his orgasm? You must remember, masturbation or sex (of any kind), is NOT a race. Most women do not want a two pump chump that cannot last, they want someone that can last and not be in a hurry. Cock control teaches you to build that pleasure up, back off, slow down, then start up again and by doing this a few times before you cum, you increase pleasure.

Touching yourself as you are instructed to do so by the lady you are talking to will absolutely bring you a better orgasm than if you just stroke away mindlessly and cum. Where there is forethought and planning, there will be a greater reward in the end, even when masturbating. You want a high quality, intense orgasm. Cock control is the way that this will happen. Do not deny yourself the exquisite pleasure of letting one of our ladies lead you to the best orgasm you've had in ages.

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