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As puzzling as it sounds to some, many men really get off on being humiliated for things they cannot change about themselves, whether the color of their skin, or the size of their cock. They want to be told how truly inadequate they really are and how no woman could possibly want them because of their shortcomings. If they are lucky, they might get a woman that would accept them if they understood and accepted they would be in a cuckold relationship, they would have to understand their lady would be getting sexual satisfaction from another man and they would be lucky to have her in any capacity in their lives.

Humiliation makes them feel like worms, in many cases they are worms and should be made fun of. They have been the objects of ridicule their entire lives, women laughing at them, belittling them, telling their girlfriends about them and making fun of them behind their backs. It's what they know, it's what's familiar and it's what turns them on. Small penis humiliation calls are some of the very most fun ones to do, it's so easy to tell a guy what an inadequate loser her really is with his lipstick sized cock. Call up tonight and one of our ladies will be more than happy to laugh at you!

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