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Life can be a bit more challenging for the sissy. Many times a sissy has a smaller cock, less testosterone and is not masculine in any way. A man, if you can even call it that, that's calling up for sissy boy phone sex is likely at the very least wearing women's panties when he calls. He likely dresses up in ladies lingerie most times that he masturbates, since it makes him feel extra feminine and that's how he feels and wants the lady that's talking to him make him feel, like he's a fruity little mamma's boy.

Some sissies that call refer to their ejaculate as sissy cream, and they love the idea of playing dress up and telling the ladies they speak to what they are wearing, or if they recently went on any shopping sprees for new lingerie. Maybe they have tales to share about how they were so girly their mamma even dressed them up like a girl and curled their hair and put makeup on them and made them walk about in high heels. Some sissies want to hear about being forced to service men sexually, having to get on their knees and suck cock or even get fucked. Sissies are very girl like, and girls service men.

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